Bayardo finds out that angela lost her virginity b

Karim Amer Monday, February 29, at 7: They knew how to do screen embroidery, sew by machine, weave bone lace, wash and iron, make artificial flowers and fancy candy, and write engagement announcements. They must have gotten together again after all these years due to Bayardo forgiving Angela for keeping the fact that she was not a virgin until after they were already married, and after Bayardo realized from all of Angela's letters that she was in love with him. This quote, gives the reader insight to how this society valued virginity. His process of thinking might of been that he didn't need the letters to truly love Angela. The reader later finds out that this relates to the Vicario brothers killing Nasar because he is the one who took her virginity, but the fact that this is so subtly mentioned prevents the reader from questioning the justification for his death.

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Book Review: Chronicle of a Death Foretold

The unopened letters show Bayardo only cares about the implied meaning, not the formalities inside, which reveal that he no longer cares that she is not a virgin. Bayardo demonstrates that he will get the music box and that he will buy the house. The usage of this word isn't strictly particular to one person, but it is mostly associated with the character Bayardo San Roman, who has a rather wealthy and prestigious background. This comment has been removed by the author. I really liked your analysis of the story, and have to agree with your inferences of the events that took place.

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However, the way the author describes her the beginning of chapter two foreshadows how he describes her later in the book. In this time period and culture, it is a woman's goal to marry and something that would improve their life. Even the narrator's mother was entranced by him, but later said that San Roman reminded her "of the devil. Spoilers - though not earth-shattering, in my opinion, so read on if you wish Bayrado's character is very important to adding to the diverse dynamics of the society. Max August 13, at 8: The Merchant of Venice.
If he would have been capable of this in the beginning of the story Angela would not have had to accuse someone and Santiago would have still been alive. Her constant love letters are uncomfortable as it seems strange that she would be so persistent without receiving anything in return. Karim Amer Wednesday, March 2, at 8: Marquez does seem to keep a lot of the information kept away from readers in the early part of the novel. More significantly, however, I believe that his return serves to complete the novel, changing the atmosphere of the story from a dark and misery light to a more optimistic future.

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